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  • Cloudy with a Chance of Technology March 18, 2015
    We all know about the clouds that shade the sun and carry rain. Now it’s time to get to know the other cloud—the one that delivers computing power, handy applications, and the ability to share information with others wherever and whenever you need. Like the atmospheric mass that provides its name, the technological phenomenon impacts […]
  • Association Crime Stoppers March 4, 2015
    Everyone wants a safe place to call home, and our association strives to make all residents feel secure. While we’re diligent in our efforts to reduce possible dangers in our community, we can’t do it alone. It’s up to everyone to pitch in to keep crime rates down. Thankfully, taking a few simple steps can […]
  • Lethal Lawns: Preventing Mushroom Poisoning February 18, 2015
    As mushrooms begin to pop up across lawns in the spring and fall, mushrooms poisonings reach their highest levels. There are no easily recognizable differences between poisonous and nonpoisonous mushrooms, and as Americans become more adventurous in their mushroom collection and consumption, poisonings are likely to increase. Most mushrooms that cause human poisoning cannot be […]
  • Techno Trash February 4, 2015
    The proliferation of iPhones, iPads, smartphones and other personal communication devices in the last few years has made communications easier and more convenient. It also has created millions of tons of toxic electronic trash. Cadmium, chromium, lead and mercury are among the toxic and potentially cancer-causing substances used to construct smartphones and other personal electronics, […]