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  • Doing Your Part to Stop Invasive Species October 1, 2015
    Invasive species are plants, animals and microbes that are introduced into a non-native ecosystem and cause, or are likely to cause, harm to the economy, environment or human health. An invasive species that colonizes a new area may gain an ecological edge since the insects, diseases, and foraging animals that naturally keep its growth in […]
  • The Mess in the Mailbox September 17, 2015
    Disgusted by all of those unsolicited credit card offers clogging up your mailbox? Tired of lugging catalogs and junk mail to the recycling bin? All of this unwanted mail creates nothing but headaches and wasted paper, so it’s no wonder putting an end to it is a priority for many people. While you can’t eliminate […]
  • Big Tips for Small Fixes September 2, 2015
    Do-it-yourself projects can be immensely rewarding, but even a small repair can turn into a more frustrating and time-consuming job when you encounter unexpected problems. Here are some easy tips for tackling common home hardware problems that will leave you with a sense of accomplishment rather than a sense of frustration: Loose Screws: If a […]
  • Contractor Caution August 19, 2015
    Finding a contractor who will perform quality work at a reasonable price can be a daunting task. It’s always a good idea to ask for and check references and to contact the Better Business Bureau and your state licensing bureau to see if there are complaints against a prospective contractor. In addition, the following warning […]